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31st May
written by Sean Noble

PLAY TIME: The Obamas leave the White House yesterday en route to an evening in the Big Apple.

Obama took his wife on a date to Manhattan for dinner and a show.  No, they weren’t already in NY, he and Michelle, his staff and the press flew three jets to JFK for the evening out.

After dinner in the Village and a Broadway show, they helicoptered back to JFK and flew back to D.C.

It wasn’t that long ago that Obama was urging “shared sacrifice” to get through these tough economic times.  Apparently, that’s for you and me – not him.

All these burger runs that Obama has been doing to look like an average Joe were obviously staged. The real Obama is an elitist who will use the trappings of power for personal ingratiation.  It would have been one thing if he had already been in NY for some reason and decided to have a night out.  But to specifically fly three jets to NY, helicopter into and out of Manhattan and then fly back to D.C. all on the same evening is disgusting. 

I guess he won’t be criticizing any CEO’s for flying their private jets to D.C. for actual work – oops, he already did that.

One word: hypocrite.

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  1. 31/05/2009

    Way to fall in line with the RNC talking points! Did you know that GWB took 54 days off in his first nine months in office? Did you know over the course of his 8 years he took 149 trips (487 days) to Camp David and 77 trips to Crawford Texas, all on the taxpayer-funded presidential 747?

    Obama took a smaller 12 passenger gulf stream jet to get some family time. He is the leader of the free world, how would you like him to travel? He would have taken the greyhound bus but all the seats had been sold.

    One could argue that flying back the same night saved taxpayers money as to not pay for a hotel and all the security costs associated with protecting the President. Regardless of how you look at it, the attention for this date night demonstrates the GOP really has nothing better to do.

  2. Kim

    Was “W” telling us to tighten our belts or saying “we are out of money”? For someone who has, he has no problem using our dollar for his good time.

  3. toby

    Hey Matthew, Way to bust out your life-sized inflatable Obama doll!

    Could you make it any more obvious that you have a huge man-crush on Obama and that in your mind he could do no wrong?

    Get a room!

  4. Margot

    Obama might be entitled to spend “family time” however he wants, but the fact of the matter is that, while he pretends to be so empathetic to the struggle of the average American, he’s a straight up snob. That’s fine; there are plenty of Republican snobs too. But let’s be honest: he would NEVER take Greyhound, unless it was a campaign tactic. There are plenty of great ways to spend family time in DC. Let’s remember that normal families do dinner and a show at their local Red Lobster and AMC Theatre.

  5. 01/06/2009

    Oh c’mon you supply-siders!!! In order for tax cuts to work the wealthy need to spend! spend! spend! Bush would never ask Americans to “tighten their belts” or “decrease spending”. Spending is the only way you can justify trickle-down economics and outrages tax cuts to the ultra wealthy Americans.

    And why do we insist that the first family be a “normal family”. We had 8 years of a “normal” guy running the show. I am now convinced that I want the most elite brainiac on the face of the planet running our government. As Jon Stewart jokingly put, “if the guy does a good job, they might carve his face into a mountain”.

    Let the guy have his date night. And let him spend it the way a “normal” multi-millionaire family would. The RNC’s time could be better spent trying to figure out a clever way to say “no” to the health care debate coming soon.

  6. 01/06/2009

    Toby — I have looked and looked but can’t find an Obama blow up doll in stock. They are a hot commodity. I guess the manufacturers of presidential blow up dolls did not know how to forecast sales for a president with approval ratings in the mid 60’s.

  7. Zach

    In supply side economics incentives are given to create goods and services(supply) which requires a capitol investment.

  8. Emily

    Pleeze. Obama has a life. He is setting a great example by not hiding away in the White House. Hypocrites are the Republicans who complain about deficit spending after Bush ran up the biggest debt in history (from surpluses). Hypocrites are the Republicans who complain about Obama growing government after Bush created the prescription drug plan and increased domestic federal spending to record levels. Hypocrites are the Republicans who fail to remember they controlled Congress and the White House for six years and DID NOTHING to prevent a Wall Street meltdown and the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. A lecture by Republicans about hypocrisy less than 150 days into the Obama era is like getting advice on dogs from Michael Vick. Thanks but no thanks.

  9. 01/06/2009

    Hypocritical is using Bush as a defense of Obama. And you misspelled please.

  10. toby

    Hey Matthew, thanks for verifying the current shortage of inflatable Obama dolls. Sorry to hear you still are in need of one. Don’t worry though, it won’t be long that you’ll get your chance too. eBay is expecting a flood of Obama dolls from scores of Auto factory workers, Car salesmen and Car Dealership owners who now can’t put food on the table. They bought that whole “change” bit hook, line and sinker. They also bought that whole “95% of Americans under my plan will pay fewer taxes” bit too.

    I guess in a sneaky sort of way, he was right. I imagine all those unemployed Americans will be paying a whole lot fewer taxes when they are waiting in the soup kitchen line with their hats in their hands.

    If you ever get that inflatable Obama doll Matthew, it will probably be just before the Fed buys up the industry in which you are now employed. It will be real hard to sell then, but it will come in real handy when you want nothing more but to burn it in effigy.

    Emily- who said anything about Bush? get with the program here, the article was about Obama. Quit yer belly-aching about Bush! Bush is soooooooo 2008.

  11. 02/06/2009

    HAHAHA — that’s great. No really — very funny. Actually now that I have thought about this date night scenario more, I applaud the RNC and fellow GOP’ers for attacking Obama. They need to keep wasting time with this type of rhetoric. 2010 is coming fast, and the less attention the GOP puts against party direction, the greater the margin of Democrat leadership.

    Zach — thanks for the economics lesson errrr regurgitation of Wikipedia. Also, how is using Bush as a defense of Obama hypocritical?

    Toby — great tip. I will check out eBay. I am sure the Fed would like to buy out the company I work for, but unfortunately I am unemployed. Perhaps that’s why I support entitlement and wasteful social programs. However you being employed should be very concerned. We all know that Obama despises capitalism and so do advisers Buffett (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway), Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan), Schmidt (CEO of Google), Nooyi (Chairperson of Pepsi), and Volkner (Fed Chairman under Reagan).

  12. toby

    Hey Matthew, despite the shortage of Barack Obama dolls, I hear there are huge surpluses of Michelle Obama dolls.

    Remember when all the media fell in line with that “oh Michelle is so elegant and beautiful” business? –
    What a load that was! They all knew it was a load as they were saying it. –
    Talk about the Emperor’s New Clothes!

    Michelle is one fugly first lady with a huge angry chip on her shoulder!

    I’m not saying the first lady should be attractive by any means. But when every major news organization gushes over her supposed good looks during the campaign, it sure makes you wonder what that was all about?

    Do you think it was because they felt sorry for her frumpy looks and were trying to give her a leg up over the other candidate’s wifes who were nearly all way better looking.

    I guess Barack deserves an expensive night out on the town. It made for a great photo op.And you know how important those are for this administration.

    I say spare no expense for the Obamas! Do it up real fancy, Michelle needs to feel like a princess to make up for the prom that nobody dared to take her to.

  13. Zach

    Sorry, Matthew, I was not aware you knew how to look up Wikipedia articles. It may have saved you a little embarrassment. Obama’s date to New York City has nothing to do with supply side economics since investing money, not spending money, is a key aspect of creating supply. Obama engaged in the bourgeois conspicuous consumption.

    After 8 years of criticizing president Bush, not criticizing Obama for doing the same things as president Bush is by definition hypocrisy.

  14. toby

    Hey Matthew, you sure seem to be spending a lot of time googling your prized inflatable Obama doll and trying out your new found smarts thanks to Wikipedia!

    Next time stick to the topics you know best.

    Such as:

    How elegant and beautiful Michelle looks as she eats corn-on-the-cob through a chain-link fence.

    Or how gracefully she does that cute bobble-head thing with that adorable “talk to the hand” routine.

    And last but not least, what a good speaker Barack Obama is when stammering for a coherent thought when the teleprompter isn’t there to prop him up.

    I imagine you could also hold your own in a nitty-gritty-down-to-business-bare-knuckle-no-holds-barred American Idol debate as well too.

  15. allyson Farr

    Wow. This is what we have become. It is all about who said what about who spending what money…………. Every president has spent tax payers money in ways we wished we could. We would all like a weekend at Camp David being flown in a a private plane with bowls of candy. Or spending time in Texas on an empty ranch for miles. Or in New York City…. Why whine about it. After all we allow all the presidents to live rent free in a huge house none of us could afford. Let it go.

  16. toby


    I agree, we should just let it go. It is just silly for anyone to express interest in excessive and wasteful, self-serving spending of tax payers money by the President of the United States.

    We should all take your lead and turn a blind eye to anything Obama does that might be viewed as hypocritical.

    The important thing is that HE is president and that HE is the one in the white house livin’ large on our dime.

    Obama can do no wrong. He is just having his day in the sun. He didn’t earn the money he’s spending but he’s spending it just the same. Not spending it on schools or roads, spending hard earned cash on himself and his Sweet-thang.

    Let us all now turn our focus to real problem at hand – people who have jobs and pay taxes that are being selfish and greedy when they complain about all the wasteful spending, all the greed and all the corruption in Washington.

    If anyone is critical of Obama’s self-serving big night out, it clearly has nothing to do with citizens wanting real “CHANGE” in Washington, it probably has more to do with jealousy, as you so eloquently point out.

    I guess that whole Boston Tea Party thing way back when was actually about jealousy too.

    Wait! STOP! …. MUST….. RECONNECT…..THE….TWO…HALVES….OF….MY….Brain…..

    Whew! that was a close call.

  17. Frankie

    Toby, you are an idiot. Stop posting dumb comments.

  18. toby

    Dear Frankie, I can smell your man-crush all the way through cyber-space.

    If you have something to say regarding Obama’s hypocrisy,the media myth of Michelle’s handsome looks,or why you so quickly resort to the lame playground tactics of name calling and the classic “shut up” come-back, by all means speak up.

    Your pal,


  19. Duckie

    It’s so darned funny cuz it’s so darned true!
    Michelle Obama looks like she could eat cobbed-corn like it was nobody’s business! What was everyone smoking?

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