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29th May
written by Sean Noble

The Arizona Guardian is breaking yet another story on a GOP operative in trouble with the law.  This one is a staffer for Senator John McCain, Carlos Sierra, who has a couple DUI’s and speeding violations.

So we’ve had the AZ GOP Executive Director Brett Mecum arrested a couple weeks ago, and now this.  My guess is that McCain will NOT follow Pullen’s example and actually show Sierra the door.

Updated: McCain staffer wanted by Phoenix authorities

Friday, 29 May 2009 18:17 Dennis Welch


By Dennis Welch
The Arizona Guardian

Phoenix authorities have issued arrest warrants for a staff assistant to U.S. Sen. John McCain who is accused of skipping two court appearances on separate DUI charges this year.

Carlos Sierra, who works at McCain’s regional office in Tempe, was arrested twice within a five-week period on suspicion of DUI, according to records from Phoenix Municipal Court.

Each time, the court records show, Sierra didn’t show up for his assigned court date.

Sierra, 27, says there must be a mix-up because he thought his attorney took care of the matter. He declined to release the name of his lawyer.

“I haven’t received any notices in the mail,” Sierra said Friday during a phone interview. “My lawyer told me he took care of it and I believe him.”

Officials with the court said it was possible the case was resolved and the paperwork hasn’t been changed. But as of Friday afternoon, they said, the arrest warrants were still live and there are no records indicating Sierra and his attorney fixed the legal problem.

McCain’s office wasn’t waiting to find out.

“The matter is currently under review,” said McCain spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan. “However, he has been suspended immediately.”

Sierra was first arrested about 2 a.m. March 28 on suspicion of DUI after Phoenix police clocked him going 60 mph in a 35 mph zone near Missouri and 14th Street. Sierra, who drives black, 2006 four-door Cadillac, also is accused of running a red light.

Records do not show exactly what his blood alcohol content was at the time of the arrest, only that it was more than .08, which is the legal limit.

Phoenix police arrested Sierra again about 9 p.m. May 2, this time for the more serious accusation of extreme DUI, according to court records. Once again, documents don’t say precisely what his blood alcohol level was at the time, only that it exceeded .20.

In addition to the DUI, Sierra is accused of driving 60 mph in a 40 mph stretch near 24th Street and Camelback Road. Phoenix police also cited him for not having proof of insurance or registration and driving on the sidewalk.

Although Sierra listed on a Phoenix police report that he was employed by the U.S. Senate when he was first arrested, he told authorities he was unemployed when he was arrested the second time.

Officials at McCain’s offices in Phoenix and Tempe on Friday confirmed he still works for the Arizona senator and former presidential contender. When asked about this discrepancy, Sierra declined to comment.

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  1. Chelsea

    Someone should do the decent thing and steal this boy’s car! A thief deserves it more than this idiot.

  2. Ryan

    He should be fired but what Mecham did, while stupid, was not nearly as bad as getting arrested TWICE for DUI- one being extreme. Even if his lawyer did take care of it, he should be fired.

  3. Jack

    He is actually a pretty good guy. I actually believe the “thought my lawyer took care of it.” The DUI’s are inexcusable but at least he didn’t kill a girl like Kennedy

  4. Anon Russ

    This is nothing……Crystal Caballero (another McCain staffer) had two DUI’s, too. You would be surprised how many people have DUI’s here in Maricopa.

  5. GOP Angler

    There is a major difference with between the outcomes between the present situation, and that of Brett Mecum. Mecum was arrested in his office to be arraigned. Mecum is still awaiting his day in court for a single speeding incident. Accordingly, Randy Pullen is affording him a great benefit in allowing him to keep his job, despite misgivings from others.

    Here is the difference: Carlos Sierra was arrested and arraigned in two separate incidents, and apparently failed to appear for his court hearings. While I would love to give Carlos the benefit of the doubt, allowing his dog ate his homework excuse; he better hope that due to budget cuts at the City of Phoenix his paperwork was filed and misplaced. It is the responsibility of the defendant to appear and it behooves him to follow-up, seeing that it his neck is in the noose and his liberties in question, not his counsel’s.

    As far as the present facts go, he deserves what ever he gets, and I hope he goes to jail for the incidents, I expect no less or greater sentence than any other person in the same situation, even myself. If I were caught twice…I would think I deserve to go to jail. I cannot condone the sympathy of prior postings, regardless of him being a good guy…good guys do the right thing, they are responsible stewards of society…they do not endanger the lives of innocent people.

    Clearly on the job front, this is not the guy you want handling McCain’s work, what happens when he does not show up to a meeting for the Senator? Does he just blame the Senator? If he does not do a constituents work, does he just blame the the other staffers? Moreover, what’s the liability if he was coming from a dinner or event and he was drinking and killed somebody at a red light crosswalk, or lost control speeding, or up on the sidewalk, since there tends to be PEDESTRIANS on the sidewalk. This is not who I want working for me, and lest you forget he is a public employee working for the senior senator from Arizona, so he is working for all of us. I’m not going to bail out this kid when some family has a multi-million dollar lawsuit for his actions “on our behalf.” As to any other employee who has had a run in with the law as the prior poster complains, who cares…it is public record, yes…but it sounds like somebody has a personal vendetta with Crystal Caballaro because she is not even mentioned in the article (I mean if Brooke Buchanan spent a few months in tent city, it might be worth mentioning for calling the kettle black…but here it looks like somebody just distract his bosses…nice try, Carlos…ahem, Anon Russ). Moreover, thanks to public records, it looks like Caballaro actually showed up to her court date for her incident, which means she is a step beyond Carlos…not to mention it is a few years back, did she even work there? I did not see it all over the newspapers or blogs, so who cares what she did…yes lots of people get DUIs, lots of people do not have arrest warrants issued for them, either. Here, this is clearly newsworthy…McCain just had an article about him in the Republic for 2010…I’m surprised this was not a sidebar to that story.

    The moral of this story is that people make bad choices, and I use the plural here. It’s like a small child repeatedly touching the hot stove…sometimes people do not seem to learn. I hope everybody learns a lesson here…Brett – show up to court; Carlos – don’t drop the soap; and Senator McCain – find better help…you have an election to win next year and this guy is a liability.

  6. Sunni Triangulator

    Brett and Carlos obviously screwed up, but how is it that Bret is arrested at work and the Guardian breaks the story, then Carlos gets in hot water and the Guardian again breaks the story? Is the Guardian just searching public records on every GOP staffer in the state? is it truly newsworthy? i suppose, but lots of people get duis these days, and the Guardian’s facts aren’t even right according to the court records i pulled up for Sierra.

    GOP Angler – It doesn’t sound like you even know Sierra, yet you use over 600 words to bash him?

    people need to be very careful with what they are throwing around on the blogs. it’s getting scary.

  7. Jack

    I have met Carlos a few times and found him to be a amicable guy. He is not immune from the consequences but most people would just get fired but he has to have his name dragged through the mud. I wish him the best of luck. I remember quite a few great men in history who were drunks ( not comparing them with Carlos ) but lets just discipline the staffer and refrain from pummeling his character

  8. Anon

    I heard he was dismissed from the charges using McCain’s staff lawyers…if so, I have no more respect for McCain and knowing the type of person this guy is…I have already lost respect for mccain for employing him.

  9. Tony

    I know Carlos on a personal note and I know for a fact that he was not dismissed of his charges; he served his time and is currently paying his fees and going to the alcohol education classes like any other person would. He has learned from these embarrassments and is a more responsible person after having to deal with the punishment, all the publicity, and insults from the readers. DUI’s in the state of Arizona is at the highest rate, if you were to go out and round up 10 people, 2 of them would have at least one DWI. I’m not justifying what was done but it’s not all that uncommon to know someone with one. Cut the guy some slack, everyone makes mistakes.

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