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28th May
written by Sean Noble

Arizonans are smoking less, or rather, fewer Arizonans are smoking.  Regular smokers fell from nearly 20% of the population to just under 16% – which amounts to about a 20% drop in smokers.

That’s good news.  But it’s only one side of the story.

If there has been a 20% drop in smokers, then it would seem to me that there has been about a 20% drop in the revenues collected by those who smoke (or used to).  Guess what?  That is having an impact on our state budget – particularly health care funding.

So, what will the nanny-state do-gooders tax next to make up for lost revenue?  Hope you aren’t addicted to soda!

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  1. Mike Gardner

    Sugared beverages are next. There is a proposal being discussed in Congress now on this topic. Good thing Obama is only going to raise taxes on the rich. Ha.

  2. Jill

    People better stop smoking, because the nanny-state isn’t touching my Coke Zero!

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