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19th May
written by Sean Noble

You have to hand it to the editorial board of the Arizona Republic. When they get it right, they NAIL it.  Today’s editorial on the fantasy of Pelosi’s memory is a tour-de-force of what we call “taking the bark off” – that is, peeling away the façade and exposing the harsh, raw, ugly truth that is Nancy Pelosi’s brain.

Look at the preposterous mess that was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press conference last week as a cold splash of water to the face.

To avoid so much as a hint of responsibility for her duties as a senior member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Pelosi has humiliated herself.

The CIA lied to her, she said on Thursday. She was not told about waterboarding in her briefings. Nor, for that matter, was she told directly about CIA interrogators using any enhanced interrogation techniques.

She was never briefed, she says, but was “told” about them by a staff member. As if there is a lick of difference between those split hairs.

And she raised no objections to what she learned because she was too busy trying to gain a majority for her party in Congress.

No other member of Congress who was briefed on the CIA’s interrogation techniques over the years – and there were plenty of Pelosi’s fellow Democrats among them – has ever accused the CIA of distorting the record of its actions, much less outright lying. We are to believe they chose to lie to Pelosi alone.


Numerous leaders of both parties – including, reportedly, Pelosi – worried fretfully in those days that CIA interrogators may not have been doing enough to extract information.

They did not raise those concerns alone. Legal experts like Alan Dershowitz and writers like Newsweek magazine’s Jonathan Alter, among other politically liberal voices, urged harsh treatment to gain information. As Jacob Weisberg of the online Slate magazine noted this month, Alter even pushed for “transferring some suspects to our less squeamish allies.” Rendition, in other words, to countries where torture is not such an issue.

Now, Speaker Pelosi is compelled to pretend she maintained a moral purity about those days. She never felt the urge to trade an inch of the moral high ground to protect Americans.

There is another word for the moral purity Pelosi maintained during those difficult days. It is the same word that applies to her CIA tales.


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  1. Jeff

    It’s not often, but kudos to the Arizona Republic for calling it like it is, this time!

  2. Jill

    Reality will come crashing down on her one of these days, and I think we are closing in on it. She is horrendous.

  3. Margot

    What was she thinking? Even for a woman that I have no respect for in general, she surprised me with this thing.

  4. Woody

    Pretty bad when the lie is so convoluted that she has to go back to a written statement twice to try to cover herself.
    Wonder if now the dealings with her hubby’s business interests in the So. Pacific will magically come to light…since she’s not much use to her party anymore.

    It is too bad to see the first female Speaker flame out, considering all the exceptionally talented and forthright female members of Congress who have served.

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