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18th May
written by Sean Noble

The buzz about Pelosi under fire continues.  As expected, Republican leadership had her in their sites for the weekend shows.

In a fascinating piece, former Hill leadership staffer John Feehery lays out how the whole episode has the makings of a coup against Pelosi.  He lists five components of a coup: a leadership rival, a disaffected base, a political liability to the majority-makers, micromanagement and press pile-on punctures credibility.  He adds great examples from Gingrich, Lott and what Pelosi faces today and then concludes:

With Pelosi, the press assumes she is both a hypocrite and a liar. Her various explanations of what she knew of waterboarding and when she knew it have been unconvincing at best. Her news conference was a complete disaster, and her credibility is in tatters.

Should Pelosi continue to mishandle this current crisis, and should she continue to make wild statements about the veracity of the CIA, don’t be surprised if somebody in the House says enough is enough. The conditions are ripe for a coup.

The one element that Feehery didn’t mention was that Pelosi does not have the backing of her President.  That’s not a good thing for her.  This will be interesting to  watch.

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