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13th May
written by Sean Noble

The Arizona Republic ran a little story about the earmarks that members of the Arizona Congressional delegation have requested.  Surprisingly, Republican Trent Franks topped the list with earmarks totaling $3.1 billion. The entire total for the delegation was $4.3 billion, so Franks makes up nearly 75% of the total (and that’s with Shadegg and Flake out of the picture, since they don’t request earmarks.

As long as Republicans participate in the “pay to play” game that comes with earmarking, they will never have the moral high ground to demand the system change.  How many Members of Congress have to be investigated for folks to say enough already?

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  1. 13/05/2009
    While I am not crazy about earmarks, neither do I think they are the most horrible aspect of the federal government. Do they increase overall spending? I hear no. Will eliminating them decrease overall spending? I also hear no. Is there something I am missing here?

  2. Woody

    Earmarks are just one evolution of the whole corrupt DC system–nothing new, but the consistent pattern is that patronage is handed out to those who help you get and stay in office. So its not just the amount of money that is spent, its who ultimately gets it. Its easy to bury a few million bucks of graft in a billion or two of spending–particularly when it takes the form of someone’s wife getting a plum job with perks. Years ago the Heritage Foundation distributed a terrific book on the way lobbyists and staff write laws and congress stays in office by having Constituent Services staff help ordinary citizens work their way through the resulting maze, generating good will and contributions. So the only real way to address overspending and corruption is with term limits. So they will be with us a very long time.

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