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9th May
written by Sean Noble

Remember when we learned about the first confirmed case of swine flu in Arizona?  Banner headlines in the papers, dire quotes from health officials, a school closed for seven days – it was a pandemic.

Well, check out the map below from the CDC.  Did you know that we have 182 cases of the swine flu confirmed in Arizona?  Neither did I.  Where’s the news coverage on this now?  The last time the Arizona Republic wrote the words “swine flu” was on Thursday in a story about Napolitano.  I guess my skepticism (here and here) about the whole thing is now shared by the MSM.  Huh, maybe I should rethink that.


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  1. 09/05/2009

    My 2 cents….it was never about the swine flu, only a distraction to get his last cabinet member appointed and a distraction about the banks… imagine what would have happened if the ONLY story would have been about banking. Could there have been a stock market reaction?
    A possible run on banks? stock sell-off?
    I know I’m pessimistic, but it’s my view, and i’m stickin’ to it. It was a deflection on the American people and those who orchestrated it won, again. They got their gal in.
    …. susie

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