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7th May
written by Sean Noble

The Somali pirates are rabble-rousing again, this time shooting at a U.S. Navy ship.  I am getting pretty annoyed by these yahoos being branded as pirates.  Growing up, Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride at Disneyland, and for one Halloween I dressed up as a pirate and my grandfather made me a really cool wooden sword that we painted with silver paint to make it look real. And, of course, I have loved the movies.

So when I see this as the new version of pirates, it just makes me sad.

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  1. Kelley

    They really can’t compare to the Disneyland version. Best ride ever.

  2. Emma

    They pale in comparison to Johnny Depp’s version of a pirate!

  3. Jon Altmann

    Sean, the Disney version of pirates versus the real ones is about as far apart as Pluto is to the sun.
    The Somali pirates cause long overdue media coverage to a problem that has existed in the Carribean and the Straits of Malacca for decades – it is just the Somalis have turned it into a multi-million dollar waterfront enterprise (no pun intended).
    The U.S. for the last 15 years has down sized the U.S. Navy to mere 200 some ships, many of them auxiliaries, not front line warships. The U.S. Coast Guard has not done much better, with the average age of most of their fleet well over 20 years old.
    “from the shores of Tripoli” in the Marine Corps hymn is all about fighting piracy.
    Arming merchant ships is another nasty issue – it causes issues with international maritime law and puts peaceful merchant seaman more at risk. What is needed is a decided policy to police up that part of the world, but it will need a direct determination of other nations. Right now, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, France and Britain have ships deployed over there and Russia and China have indicated they will send some – except the latter are not very good at sustained operations far from home.
    There is no will in D.C. to fix this at this point.
    In the meantime, aside from a Disney movie, there are no good pirates. They were the earliest version of terrorists.

  4. Woody

    These guys must have satellite TV and have no doubt heard about the one pirate taken as a prisoner to New York City.
    That’s the Pirate’s Life they’re looking for, or maybe they’ve watched “The Mouse that Roared” a few too many times.
    Yo Ho.

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