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6th May
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Brett Mecam is getting the kind of attention most people pay a lot of money to get.  Unfortunately, it’s not the right kind of attention.  Particularly embarrassing is his mug shot, which screams “fashion nightmare.” Who wears a white collared colored shirt without a tie?  Gives a whole new meaning to “white collar crime.” Good grief.  I’m a hick from Show Low, AZ and even I know better.

On a less humorous note, why exactly did Phoenix PD and DPS show up at GOP HQ to arrest Mecum on a couple traffic misdemeanors?  For a violation almost a month ago?  Something does not add up, or I don’t understand criminal prosecution (which is very possible).

So, will GOP State Party Chairman Randy Pullen jettison Mecum?

UPDATE: Sources say that Mecum was going 109 MPH when the camera flashed.  That begins to explain the arrest at work – that’s downright scary fast on an in-town freeway.

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  1. 06/05/2009

    Agast and agack, someone enjoying themselves going 44 mph over the legal limit. Nobody died, nobody complained, nobody even knows if it was at 3 pm in the afternoon or 1 am at night. I imagine that there must be 5,000 unserved warrants that would have been a more effective use of police time than arresting Mr. Mecum.

  2. Thomas

    I don’t know him but this is not grounds for a jettison, unless if by all accounts he is doing a sub par job. If that is so then I am outraged and demand his removal. If Sen. Ted “Drunko” Kennedy can kill a girl and still be a senator then Mr. Mecum can stay.

  3. Concerned

    Just so that it is known:

    I’ve known Mr. Mecum for a while now, through my work with the Arizona Republican Party, and I personally feel that any consequences he faces in regards to this incident are entirely justified. However, this issue should not, in any way, reflect poorly on the AZ GOP and the rest of its staff. He did not handle his politics accordingly– and those affected by his past actions should not be affected by his present.

  4. Say goodbye Randy

    The Teflon mentality of AZGOP has finally started to catch up with folks. Pullen is a horrible failure but blatantly lies in his re-election speech while Mecum creates enough votes behind the scenes to keep their jobs. Mecum’s roommate was texting the results before they were ever announced. Then there is the shameful conspiracy to overtake the Republican Professionals, if not illegal it is unethical.

    So, why shouldn’t this little weasel think he can go as fast as he wants, whenever, wherever. Don’t you know who he is?

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