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5th May
written by Sean Noble

There is an interesting backlash on the left to the idea of Napolitano getting nominated to the Supreme Court. Left-of-center columnist Stephen Lemons, who writes for the left-wing, but highly entertaining Phoenix New Times, plucks Napolitano in his “Feathered B*****d” column.

“If Toobin knew anything about Nappy,” I wrote in February, “he’d know she’s a gutless, careerist cipher, who left Arizona with a billion dollar deficit, a rock-bottom ranking in education, and a legacy of hate and intolerance spearheaded by nativist pols such as state Senator Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whom she never really took on during her six year tenure.”

To be sure, the right would go ape if she’s nominated. She incurred their wrath over that unclassified assessment on rightwing extremism, which DHS sent out to cops nationwide. And she’s been prone to flubs in its wake… nominating Nappy to be a Supreme would be like thowing the Limbaugh-ites a hunk of raw meat. So I’d be surprised if it happened.

On the other hand, Nappy has a talent for failing upward. Despite her do-nothing approach to local politics, Arizona Dems slavishly worshipped her, and the populace in general awarded her with reelection. Never mind that she shortly thereafter fled the state, leaving it in dire economic straits. That’s classic Nappy, putting her own self-interest above all others. And that’s why you can never totally count her out.

That’s a pretty fair and balanced assessment, even from a left-winged, feathered… uh, well, you know.

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  1. Chelsea

    Definitely the most honest and absolutely hilarious (arguably accurate, too) description of her I have heard. Too funny!!

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