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27th April
written by Sean Noble

In this image taken with a cell phone by Jason McLane, the primary presidential

This was stupid.  Flying a 747 at a low altitude above and around Manhattan is bound to freak people out.  How this was ever approved is beyond me.  I suppose it’s another example of how the White House just doesn’t get it.  The war on terror is real… very real to those who lived through 9-11 in New York.  You’d think for a leftist like Obama, he’d be more sensitive.

See the video here.

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  1. 27/04/2009


    Was there that day.

    Am pissed.

    Stopping before I get insane.

  2. Amanda

    So thoughtless and disrespectful! Disgusting!

  3. Gorman

    And, let me get this straight… they couldn’t think of ANYWHERE else to take a photo of a plane flying in the sky? Are they morons or do they think we are?!

  4. Kasie Spilman

    Surprising flight was not thought out better! It’s absurd that people do not think about consequences of their actions.

  5. Thomas

    Just stupid but not necessarily an indication of incompetence, but a member of his staff should sure get an earful. I am much more offended every time that idiot Gibbs speaks.

  6. 27/04/2009

    So long as the DoD can get away with less than thoughtful actions they will continue to make mistakes like this. So long as New York permits behavior like this further occurrences are virtually guaranteed to occur. For all of Mayor Bloomberg’s furiousness, let’s see how furious Governor Paterson is tomorrow. My bet is that any fury lasts about 1 news day max. Then it is back to business as usual.

    The segment says all the necessary people learned about this (e.g. the police) – why does anybody complain – the authorities knew.

  7. Kelley

    All the necessary people knew? Why does anyone complain? Come on! If there was a panic, then CLEARLY all the necessary peopld did NOT know, and people complain because they were scared. Thane, you don’t make any sense!

  8. Woody

    Ya gotta admit it will make for great campaign footage…for the Republicans.

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