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23rd April
written by Sean Noble

In the spirit of offering advice to those who won’t ask for it, I would suggest that DHS Secretary Napolitano put down her shovel and try to climb out of the hole she is in.  Fox News is reporting that there is an increasing number of calls for her resignation following a series of missteps including issuing a report that calls me, and people like me, a threat to national security, then refusing to apologize to veterans and now saying that some of the 9-11 hijackers came in from Canada.

“I don’t know that the secretary understands the depth of the disruption that she’s caused,” Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, told FOX News on Thursday, referring to the report on extremist threats. “I think the appropriate thing to do is for her to step down and let’s move on.” 

“Mr. President, fire that woman,” said Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, complaining that Napolitano’s comments on the controversial report were half-hearted. “To go on television and say your apology to be, ‘I’m sorry you were offended by this report,’ that’s no apology.” 

Of course, Napolitano had an arrogant response which demonstrates she still doesn’t get it.

But she rebuffed those who say an apology is not enough. 

“That’s what they’re going to get,” Napolitano said. 

Ms. Napolitano, stop.  Just stop.


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  1. Thomas

    No. Please keep talking.

    Next Comment by Janet: “Everyone knows that the enemy combatants that are attacking the United States are crossing the border from Hawaii into Maine.”

    Reporter: ” Mrs. Napolitano, uh..would you like to rephrase your last statement.”

    Janet: “I just think we need to move on and protect the border, this interview is over.”

  2. Woody

    If she resigns, do we get troops to surround D.C. to make sure she doesn’t get back into the U.S.?

  3. Frankie

    SHE DIDN’T CALL YOU ANYTHING. Quit saying this, it doesn’t suddenly become true the more times you say it. The report called people like the wing-nut who killed the photo-radar operator a threat. And the increasing number of calls for her resignation all sound like conservative Republicans, who would like to see Obama’s entire cabinet, with him as well, resign. So big deal. You got your apology, stop believing she was talking about you, stop whining, and stop feeling offended.

  4. EVRep

    Don’t forget her statement in the last week on Larry King that illegally crossing the border is a civil, not criminal, matter (hard to believe she ever practiced law) and her statement to the ADL two days ago that we need to repeal “Real ID”, which the 9/11 commission recommended and which passed with bipartisan support.
    What we are seeing here is a politician of very limited gifts who was carried around on a silk pillow for 10 years by the Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Star, but is now playing in a much less forgiving league.

  5. […] Congratulations, America, you are now seeing something that we here in Arizona already understood: Janet Napolitano is not all that great.  She is already getting a bunch of heat for her wacky comments about right wing activists and […]

  6. Carol

    In this article explaining the apology to the veterans, I don’t see an apology? It says they were mollified, and that a junior member of the staff was reprimanded and that this wouldn’t happen again.

    How is this an apology for the substance of what was said and implied by the memo?

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