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21st April
written by Sean Noble

At 2:54 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, the Arizona Republic posted this story about John Shadegg and his thoughts about the economy and recovery.  Less than 3 ½ hours later, the left-wing website, TPM (Talking Points Memo) posted this.

Not sure what hang-time we’re looking at here. But is Rep. John Shadegg yet another GOP rep. moth to the Rush flame, with this comment today in an interview with the Arizona Republic

Shadegg disagrees with radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, who has said he hopes Obama and his liberal policies fail.

“I sincerely hope he creates the strongest recovery possible,” Shadegg said. “It is petty to worry about who gets the credit when people are losing their jobs and their homes.”

As for Limbaugh, Shadegg said, “I think he is an entertainment personality who is an interesting factor in American politics. I agree with much of what he says on some issues, but not on other issues.”

We do have the always perilous ‘entertainment personality’ description and the suggestion that Rush is “petty”. On the other hand you have to thin gruel walk-back of saying Rush is an “interesting factor” and an expression of agreement on some issues. Really close to the line.

What say you? Do we have another self-criticism session coming?

This is why the Democrats continue to own the debate about most issues lately – they are just that much better than Republicans at the guerrilla-web tactics.  Thankfully, there are some up-and-comers within the Republican ranks – it’s just that 20-somethings tend to be more left-leaning than conservative, and if you are over 30, it’s too late for you.

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  1. Elle

    It’s not too late for anyone, no matter what age. The problem is that young people who don’t know better think that Republicans are all rich old white men who only care about big business. It’s the job of ALL Republicans- 20-somethings, 30-somethings, 90-somethings, whatever-somethings-to show them what Republicans really stand for and that we can stay true to our principles.

  2. June

    Elle – Your smug complacency sounds like denial!

    Those who were high school teenagers when Bush stole the ’00 election are now college graduates; those who were in college are now near 30. And what are their impressions of Republicans – rich old white men?

    Hah! I’d suggest they view Republicans as retrogressive cronies, Me-Too Lock-Step Followers of a dim-witted, law-breaking bully of a president.

    That’s why the the intelligent ones are Democrats or Independents today! And, the balance are teabagging Dittoheads!

  3. Frankie

    the problem the republican party is about to have to face is that the youth vote went 2-1 in favor of democrats and the minority vote was more like 3-1 dem. if republicans don’t find a way to bridge that gap (i.e. be more accepting and less old/rich/white guy mentality) then the dems will be winning for quite a while longer.

  4. Mollie

    June- The Democrat party is so lucky to have intelligent, open-minded people like you. I didn’t read the first comment as “smug complacency” at all. But maybe you just heard someone on MSNBC use that phrase and were dying to try it out…that’s cute.

  5. Zach

    June, thanks for continuing the leftist drumbeat of vulgarly insulting the right. Looks like it may be too late for you, (obviously over 30). As for me, I am beginning to realize more and more the necessity for clear ethical approaches that are able to cut through the rhetoric that now monopolizes political messages (I now include the MSM).
    There may be hope, but only after we remind the youth that the ability to make personal decisions about volunteering, opinion formation, resource allocation (including monetary investment) requires an ethics that requires honesty, trust, and dependability. In this light, the more I learn about the previous administration’s attempts to protect US citizens, the more I respect them. This despite my disillusionment at their economic approach after the Democrats took control of Congress.

  6. 22/04/2009

    I find this whole post quite fascinating. I love how the right is always trying to blame the left for domination of the media. I completely agree with late night entertainer, Stephen Colbert, when he said, “Reality has a liberal bias.” I absolutely disagree with the implication that the left are better at controlling the conversation. Have you seen my party?? We are all over the map! We have ten different ways to look at the same dumb old rock. Republicans have a much better track record of controlling the message and banging home talking points. Any Republican can tell you what they believe in 30 seconds. “Cut taxes. Stop abortion. Ban gay marriage.” Democrats? Give me an hour and I still am trying to explain what I believe.

    The republicans are hemorrhaging voters. Elle seems to believe, the “young people who don’t know better think that Republicans are all rich old white men who only care about big business.” I find that statement insulting. Here is the reality: The college age kids (“young people”) in 2000 watched the Republicans enjoyed absolute power, saw massive spending increases, and pork pass with little restraint. We watched the debt skyrocket to ridiculous levels in order for the wealthiest Americans (most likely big business) to receive another giant tax cut. We saw supply side economic theories rammed down our throats with little public debate. We were learning in school about other industrialized nations that have vaulted pass us in energy, science, and medicine, and then watched Republicans respond with garbage legislation like the Medicare 2003 bill. The problem is the “young people who don’t know better” actually do know better. The Republicans made their bed – now they are having trouble sleeping. Their leadership is broken. Their message track is inexistent. And their tax cut rhetoric is diluted. So instead of crying over what some rouge, left wing nut writes on his blog, perhaps a healthy conversation about what exactly conservatism is would be most productive.

  7. Frankie

    Amen, Matthew. I don’t understand how the argument that “young people who don’t know better think that Republicans are all rich old white men who only care about big business” flies when college educated voters are voting Democrat more than 2 to 1 and that young, college educated voters are voting Democrat 3 to 1. Don’t tell me I don’t know any better. I’m about to go to law school. I am an intelligent person who has put a large amount of thought and contemplation into my political decisions. I think that one of the biggest reasons the Republican party is not resonating with younger voters is because of their stance on social issues. Younger voters are far more open and accepting and the “no gay marriage” mantra (among many others) just doesn’t work for us. That, combined with the fact that we grew up watching Republicans in charge ruin the economy, has led to a major problem for the GOP.

  8. John Doe

    Matthew, Frankie, etc… Your comments show just how ignorant you are. The bush tax cuts did not benefit the rich, in fact it increased the burden onto them. Most of the taxes paid today are by the welathiest 5% of the nation, and I would argue that they are not getting anywhere near a fair return on their investment. In addition, the MSM and other media outlets are liberal leaning. Much of their bias is hard to detect, but it is there. FOr example the Dennis Leary show is mixing in story lines that refernece the belief that 9/11 is an inside job. Every Sunday morning talk show, except fox, is hosted by a former democratic official. At least be honest with your criticism.

    I agree the Republican party has used the politics of division, especially on immigration, to try and win elections, but conservative values and beliefs a time tested and always prove successful. If you don’t believe that, ask a citizen of the USSR or Eastern Germany about the sucess of socialism. Oh right, you can’t because those ideas don’t work. We cannot continue to leverage our tax burden on a smaller percentage of the population while believing that these efforts don’t have consequences.

    Also, this no on gay marriage crap is getting old. Just because we differ in opinion doesn’t make us homophobs or mean we hate gay people. In fact, many of us want you guys to stop trying to legislate your values through the court system. You have no lost all the elctions to legalize gay marriage at the ballot box. Look at CA that went overwhelmingly for Obama, yet still passed a ban on gay marriage. Are they all a bunch of Republicans? I recognize that we live in a country that offers equal rights to everyone and if we want to find a way to extend the same benefits and legal protections to life partners whether they be gay or straight that’s fine. Lets have that arguement, but that is not enough for the gay lobby. They want to eliminate all differences between men and women and I will never support that!

  9. 23/04/2009

    John Doe-
    1. I don’t support gay marriage. I actually don’t support abortion either. I guess I differ from Frankie in that regard. Also, I grew up in California.

    2. CBO came out with a report stating that the Bush tax cuts of 2002 and 2003 did shift the tax burden to the middle class.

    3. Absolutely the Bush tax cuts overwhelmingly benefited the rich. I wont bore you on this post with my perspective, but I did write it here:

    4. I have never watched Dennis Leary, nor do I care to.

    5. Every Sunday morning talk show? How about the highest rated? Meet the Press’ David Gregory has stronger ties to the Bush White House then any Democrat Administration. GW even gave him a nickname, “Stretch”.

    Please keep the word “ignorant” in your pocket. That was a cute connection between Russia and socialism, and the implication that I support socialism. Please define socialism because I am guessing you don’t actually know what it means. While your at it, please tell me which of President Obama’s financial advisers you believe are socialist. Please tell me how Republicans can be considered “conservative” and why their words should speak louder than their actions. And stop letting FOX tell you what I believe.

    Sorry Sean for commandeering your blog. I guess I shouldn’t get so worked up by someone who is embarrassed to attach their name to their post.

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