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18th April
written by Sean Noble

I’m not even sure what to say.  You have probably already seen this, based on the YouTube numbers – north of 24 million views just on this particular link – but if you haven’t, it will be one of the best seven minutes you have had recently. Stunning, unexpectedly beautiful and emotional.

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  1. Anna Beth

    Amazing. It’s everywhere, but pretty hard to get tired of. Thanks for posting!

  2. Amanda

    Wow. That’a all I can say.

  3. 22/04/2009

    Can I say that as a amateur singer, I am floored. ANYTHING from Les Mis is a bear to sing, and she NAILED it. I want her to do Don’t Cry for Me Argentina next. I cannot sing like her, but I got her on eyebrows–I am more romulan to her klingon meets bigfoot thang…love the blog! GP

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