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27th March
written by Sean Noble

If there is one thing Republicans are very consistent at, it is shooting at each other, and shooting themselves in the foot.  Yes, Democrats shoot at each other as well, but I get the sense that we do it more often, more publicly and more lethally.

Case in point is the warfare that has been playing out on the conservative blog Sonoran Alliance for the last few days.   Almost all bloggers who contribute to Sonoran Alliance are anonymous, and one of those bloggers is “Chewie Shofir”.

Chewie posted an over the top hit piece on local lobbyist/political operative Chuck Coughlin who runs a firm called Highground.  Chuck has been in the biz for the better part of 25 years and has many friends and many enemies.  My own relationship with Chuck has been hot and cold – depending on the issue that is being debated at the moment, but we remain friends and respect each other.

Chuck responded to Chewi with a rational, calm and well written explanation.  He laid out, in a systematic way, the problem that Arizona faces (thanks to former Gov. Janet Napolitano and her allies in the legislature) and points out that Gov. Brewer believes that we may not have any choice but to raise taxes.

Chuck’s response is the way that Republicans should dialogue with each other on difficult issues.  To go postal on each other just leaves blood on the floor and Democrats smiling.

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  1. Mr. Conservative

    Sean, you are so correct with this posting it’s painful!!! We Republicans are too good at forming the “Circular Firing Squad” and it really does harm our party & our stated cause(s) way too often. For a really good example look no further than the Maricopa County Republican Party ( go to an E.G.C. meeting sometime & you can witness the circle being formed ).

  2. 27/03/2009

    Mr. Coughlin’s post is indeed calm, well written (with graphs) and one might even say scientific on its face. However, that doesn’t prevent it from making an incorrect prediction about voters in Arizona. If enough voters (not survey respondents) actually object to high taxes then any referred tax will fail come election day. If those save voters (again not survey respondents) object passionately enough they will find someone else other than Brewer to vote for. All the fancy line and pie graphs doesn’t make analyzing public opinion a rational science (in my opinion).

    It has been months since I have been a Republican Party PC and while I wish the party well I hope that efforts to critique tax increase proposals (and those who advocate in favor of them) continue. I don’t have this position because I wish ill to come of the Republican Party, far from it. I want voters to have a chance to vote for Republican Party candidates that honestly can be counted on to hold the line (or even roll back) excessive government spending. Critiquing bad ideas and those who promote them is *always* a good idea.

    All that and more are the reasons I ran as the nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 2008 election for congress, district 1 against Sydney Hay, Ann Kirkpatrick and Brent Maupin. 1.3% of those that cared enough to vote agreed with me.

  3. Ann

    I have no desire for a tax increase and fear it would be a bad end based on historical responses to tax increases in a recession; however, given the reality of the times and the voter protection of such a huge percentage of the budget…what is there to do when we cannot cut enough to make this thing work?

    What sort of ideas are out there to prove a different option viable? What sort of government interventions would have an immediate impact so as to provide the substantial increases in revenue needed to balance the budget WITH everything being cut that can be cut? At what point is the return on the cuts a negative due to a loss of productivity in vital areas?

    There is a lot of preening going on but I have yet to hear any authentic thought designed to be more than “I’m bad and so are taxes” posturing.

    That is not a challenge to prove the point of a necessary tax increase. It is the question that has not been answered by all the critics and naysayers who would promote their own position to get a foot up on others while destroying the foundation they stand on.

  4. 29/03/2009

    Ann, I’ll try to offer some answers to some of your questions. Nobody claims to have reached any point where further cuts cannot be cut. I am unsure what you are referring to about “government interventions” other than tax changes/tax increases. As for the questions “at what point…” the advocates of government currently claim that any budget cut is immediately a undesirable loss of productivity in vital areas (the government budget is ALL a vital area). The real question of “foundations” is what is the goal, many claim is balancing the budget, I think others goal is simply to perpetuate government spending with balanced budget being a side issue of lesser importance than continued government spending.

  5. Ann

    Thanks…I understand the ability to cut further but my point is this: how deep and wide must we cut in areas where it is allowable by law before the remaining pieces are unable to function leaving it all worthless. If I cut off my arm I have another, if I cut them both off and lose an eye…I’m in trouble. My ability to function has been so damaged as to make me unable to come close to performing necessities of life. What agencies, departments are dispensable?

  6. Todd

    While I agree with this article and the need for party unification–Mr. Coughlin isn’t exactly the posterboy for bringing this party together-even if he did write one nice blog post.

  7. 11/04/2009

    Chewie Shofir is an anagram for Howie C. Fisher, a journalist who reports for Capitol Media Services.

  8. 22/04/2009

    I love you ppl I really do 🙂

    My name isn’t an anything anagrammy, but then, with a philosophical twist by birth–gotta keep it real.

    So how does the 2nd amendment protect the circle jerking shoot em out of political round ups? Hmm. Same crowd that thinks the poor man who got shot at the photo radar deserved it. Thank god nobody put THAT up yet at SA.. I give it a day more though..
    Nothin but love for y’all


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