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24th March
written by Sean Noble

I was all geared up to post on Obama’s speech/press conference, but frankly, it bored me to tears and I didn’t want to pass on the suffering.

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  1. Mollie

    That picture is hilarious! Perfect!!

  2. Ann

    I was unable to watch/listen, however my husband recounted it as a series of ah’s and uhm’s with all answers based on circular logic without a point or an end. It was, he said, a painful experience.

    The media support of Obama, based on and due to their election investment, is doing to the public trust and perception what Bernie Madoff did to his investors. They are feeding us false profit statements while knowing full well nothing is there.

  3. NotSoNoble

    Ann & Sean: Which presser were you watching? Not the same one I watched.

    We finally have a strong, intelligent, and articulate President who is taking bold actions to lead our nation in a historic economic crisis — and you think it is boring and/or he says “ah” too much?!?

    You amaze me. You simply amaze me.

  4. Thomas

    uhmm and ah’s aside, Obama’s performance was mediocre for a guy who has superb speaking skills coupled with his media machine of writers. The problem is, it is hard to sell a useless #4%$ sandwhich to the American people so instead you talk about “ships” & the “steady course.” NotsoNoble chill because his cult of personality is winning…..

  5. AZGOPgal


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