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24th March
written by Sean Noble

Former Congressman Pat Toomey is the most powerful man in America today.  He single-handedly killed the Union’s number one legislative priority – the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” also known as “card check.”

How does a guy who isn’t even in elective office, let along the U.S. Senate, pull this off?  By announcing that he is likely to run against Sen. Arlen Specter in a Republican primary.

Specter announced today, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, that he would vote against cloture on “card check”, thus denying the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Union pals the 60th vote they needed to move the bill forward.

This is a huge, HUGE, development.  Tens of millions of dollars (actually, hundreds of millions of dollars) on both sides of this debate were in the process of being raised and held in reserve to take to the battlefield.  Specter has just delivered a death-blow to the Union effort and saved America’s business community a bundle.  Talk about economic stimulus.  The only people left out are all the consultants and political operatives who were going to make a lot of money in this fight.

Thank the heavens for Pat Toomey.  I really, really hope he makes it official and jumps in against Specter.  He’ll now have less support from the business community, who will say that they can’t work against the incumbent Specter – especially after his vote against cloture.  They should support Toomey anyway, because he won’t play the games year-in and year-out that Specter has played with right-leaning constituencies.

Run Pat, run!

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  1. Frankie

    I say go for it too, since Toomey would lose in the general to a strong democrat. Pennsylvania is turning blue, which is why Specter is a moderate. He chooses not to alienate his constituency, which is what Toomey would do. Specter is your only chance of keeping a republican in there.

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