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24th March
written by Sean Noble

A couple days ago I blogged about the hits Obama had taken from the New York Times editorial pages.  One of those critical pieces was a column by Thomas Friedman.  In it he wrote:

President Obama missed a huge teaching opportunity with A.I.G. Those bonuses were an outrage. The public’s anger was justified. But rather than fanning those flames and letting Congress run riot, the president should have said: “I’ll handle this.”

He should have gone on national TV and had the fireside chat with the country that is long overdue. That’s a talk where he lays out exactly how deep the crisis we are in is, exactly how much sacrifice we’re all going to have to make to get out of it, and then calls on those A.I.G. brokers — and everyone else who, in our rush to heal our banking system, may have gotten bonuses they did not deserve — and tells them that their president is asking them to return their bonuses “for the sake of the country.”

Now the President is going to address the nation tonight about the financial crisis.  Is Friedman advising the President in the public forum of the New York Times editorial page with the President taking that advice?  We’ll know the answer after he gives his fireside chat speech tonight.

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