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23rd March
written by Sean Noble

You know you are having a tough day if you are a Democrat President and the New York Times editorial pages hit you from three different angles on the same day. (Friedman, Dowd and the Editorial)

Politico does a recap of the hits on Obama from his friendliest newspaper, which leads one to think that not only is the honeymoon over (it has been for a few weeks) but the narrative of the “change” President is actually unraveling.

Obviously, one bad Sunday does not a Presidency undo, but the luster begins to fade with each successive hit from “friendly fire.” 

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  1. Emma

    Obama clearly let his rockstar status and all the attention from celebrities go to his head. Coasting on his charisma hasn’t worked out like he anticipated…

  2. Jill

    Best quote by Dowd, in my opinion: “It’s a time in America’s history where we need less smooth jazz and more martial brass.”

  3. SecretAdmirer

    Sean, I love you. You consistently have the best and quickest analysis of any blog I read. Keep up the great work.

    PS I love you.

  4. Sean Noble

    This sounds like reverse pyschology… because I’ve also been trashed as “not so Noble”…

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