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23rd March
written by Sean Noble

Rasmussen has done a poll in Arizona testing voters on Obama’s approval rating, Gov. Jan Brewer’s approval rating, whether voters support a temporary tax increase to fix the budget, whether they think a tax increase is going to happen and other issues like immigration and drug trafficking.  The results are very instructive. Clearly, there are some issues that raise the ire of Arizonans.

1* How would you rate the job Barack Obama has been doing as President… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?

32% Strongly approve
21% Somewhat approve
8% Somewhat disapprove
39% Strongly disapprove
1% Not sure

No real news here.  In a red-shaded state like Arizona, it would be a surprise if Obama had strong approval.  People are still willing to give him some time, but nearly half are not liking what they see.


2* How would you rate the job Jan Brewer has been doing as Governor… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job she’s been doing?

9% Strongly approve
48% Somewhat approve
26% Somewhat disapprove
11% Strongly disapprove
6% Not sure

The surprise here is that only 6% had no opinion.  That is good news for the Governor, because she is having a better honeymoon than Obama.  These number make any potential opponents (primary or general) take pause.


3* Do you favor or oppose a temporary tax increase to help stem the state’ budget shortfall?

22% Favor
65% Oppose
13% Not sure

People don’t like higher taxes. Period.


4* How likely is it that a temporary tax hike will become permanent?

70% Very likely
19% Somewhat likely
8% Not very likely
1% Not at all likely
2% Not sure

While people don’t like taxes, there is a feeling of inevitability.


5* Should there be a special election to raise state sales tax to help with the budget shortfall and to save some programs that have to be cut?

41% Yes
42% No
17% Not sure

The 17% of people who are not sure are the target audience for the Governor.


6* Should taxes only be raised by a majority vote of the people?

76% Yes
16% No
8% Not sure

People want a say, and they hold out hope that most people will think like they do, and not raise taxes.


The rest of the poll – just for kicks and giggles:

7* Would you favor or oppose doing away with property taxes completely if it meant an increase in sales tax?

42% Favor
33% Oppose
26% Not sure

8* Would you favor or oppose doing away with property taxes completely if it meant a loss of programs?

24% Favor
55% Oppose
22% Not sure

9* Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable impression of Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio?
46% Very favorable
22% Somewhat favorable
10% Somewhat unfavorable
16% Very unfavorable
7% Not sure

10* If a police officer pulls someone over for a traffic violation, should the officer automatically check to see if that person is in the country legally?
74% Yes
21% No
5% Not sure

11* If law enforcement officers know of places where immigrants gather to find work, should they sometimes conduct surprise raids to identify and deport illegal immigrants?
63% Yes
31% No
6% Not sure

12* How concerned are you that efforts to identify and deport illegal immigrants will also end up violating the civil rights of some U.S. citizens?

32% Very concerned
24% Somewhat concerned
30% Not very concerned
13% Not at all concerned
1% Not sure

13* Which concerns you more – illegal immigration or drug violence?
29% Illegal immigration
60% Drug violence
10% Not sure

14* If drug violence continues to escalate along the Mexican border should the U.S. Military be used along the border to protect American citizens?
76% Yes
14% No
9% Not sure


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  1. Charlie W

    Sean, I read question 4 to mean; if they pass a temporary tax increase, do you think it would eventually become permament. Not sure if that is what you response meant.

  2. Woody

    I could have answered 5 either yes or no. Yes because I don’t want the legislature raising my taxes, No because I don’t want voters to raise my taxes. Maybe that is why #6 shows 76% wanting taxes raised only by a majority vote.

  3. 05/03/2010

    “all 11 of the incumbent House Republicans facing challengers came out on top” And this is EXACTLY the problem with our country. If a candidate voted for bank bailouts, they should be thrown out. If a candidate joined the “Us vs. Them”, partisan, fillibuster fiasco and refused to reach across party lines during the negotiation of the health care bill, they should be thrown out. If the candidate is a follower that simply projects his career along the party line, he should be thrown out.If you want to shakeup Washington, throw these incumbent morons out of office. Voting the same failures right back into their congressional seat over and over again gets us nowhere. This goes for both the Republican and Democrat dittoheads.

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