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23rd March
written by Sean Noble

I’ll give credit where credit is due.  The Obama/Geithner announcement that the Dept. of Treasury was going to print more money to buy up more toxic assets rallied the stock market today – up almost 500 points! 

I’m not smart enough to know whether that bounce is going to be worth the long-term impact on inflation that pumping another $1 Trillion (yes, with a T) into the economy will have. 

You know, back in 1996, when Steve Forbes was running for President, people ridiculed him for preaching that we should get back to some form of the gold standard to stabilize our currency.  Well, Mr. Forbes, you have been vindicated… in a big, big way.



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  1. NotSoNoble

    Forbes also wanted to get rid of the Department of Education.



    How’s that working out for him?

  2. Woody

    The first and so far the last political rally I attended was a Forbes rally in downtown PHX. Thirteen years later I can’t remember a thing he said, but I remember his wife and daughters. Don’t think I’m calling them homely, because they weren’t, but they were a long way from the trophy wife or heiress look and personality I guess I expected. Later I learned that the Forbes’ had no domestic help. Those heiresses (Forbes only have girls) cleaned their own house from top to bottom. Character and values like those held by Mr. & Mrs. Forbes are not hard to find among Americans, but it seems nearly impossible to find among the politicians.

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