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21st March
written by Sean Noble

The Republican National Committee outraised the Democrat National Committee for the month of February, $5.1 million to $3.26 million according to Politico’s The Scorecard.

Currently, the DNC is sitting on $8.6 million in cash, but has $6.9 million in debt.  The RNC has more than $24 million in cash.

This is a good start for the opposition party.  Yes, the Obama machine has not yet been geared up, but there is a lot of Democrat money that is being diverted to outside groups who will be spending a ton of money pushing Obama’s agenda from the outside on the issues of Climate Change (Cap and Trade), Card Check (the Union’s #1 priority) and health care reform.

Now is the time to watch the trends going into the 2010 election cycle.  Cash on hand by the committees is one important indicator.  A more important test comes at the end of March when the special election in NY-20 is held to replace Kristin Gillibrand, who was appointed to the U.S. Senate to fill the vacancy left by Hillary Clinton.

Polls show it very close, and the national committees will be spending heavily in the first race of the cycle to claim the inside track going into 2010.

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  1. 22/03/2009

    Reps can outspend Dems, but I hope it will be in ways to end the hemorrhaging of Republican voters. OH, FL, PA, MI saw the largest swing in voter registrations — and the trend is not slowing. You might not be a fan of Howard Dean — but it is leaders like him who were very effective in rallying the young voters that will be turning out in masses in 2010.

  2. mjB

    The Employee Free Choice Act should be called “The Employee Right For Intimidation” act!


  3. Nick S

    The finance industry contributes heavily to the Dems. A lot of the money has vanished with the market or is in jail (Madoff and Stanford).

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