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19th March
written by Sean Noble

Congressman John Shadegg went to the floor today during the debate on the bill that imposes a 90% tax on the bonuses to AIG executives and asked the right question:

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  1. Mark Wrighton

    Well said…(a little huffing and puffing at the start…like he literally ran to the floor to get the right question asked!!!)…Keep it up, Rep. Shadegg!!!

  2. flicka47

    Congressman Shadegg is right to ask these questions. We should all be asking ourselves why the 0 and Geithner seem to want to have such a large target for envy. While claiming they know nothing about it.
    What are they trying to distract us from??

  3. NotSoNoble

    They are trying to distract us from Shadegg’s retirement preparations, and Sean’s nascent exploratory effort.

  4. Zach

    The real problem is that the answers to Congressman Shadeggs’ questions are clear to everyone:

    1) The administration rushed to short circuit the natural order of the free market system; allowing all contracts to remain in force.

    2) When it became apparent the short circuit rewarded failure, they found a quick way to anull exising contracts without directly violating the law.

    The real question: what will we do with a government that can specifically target and punish private citizens when government created situations become unpopular?

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