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18th March
written by Sean Noble

Mr Obama appeared on Jay Leno's Tonight Show during his presidential campaign - but now he will become the first sitting president to go on such a show

(Barack Obama the candidate on the Jay Leno Show)

Barack Obama is going to be the first sitting U.S. President to appear on a late night show tomorrow night when he appears on the Jay Leno Show.

I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to the office of the Presidency.  I believe that anyone in the Oval Office should be in a suit.  I think that the office of the U.S. President demands a unique and sober occupant and I am among those that think that appearing on Jay Leno diminishes the office.

Call me old-fashioned, but it is the most powerful political office in the world and it demands respect.

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  1. NotSoNoble

    So, you were also upset when President Bush didn’t wear a suit in the Oval, right?

    As in this picture:

    Or perhaps this one (with his feet on Grant’s Cabinet Table?):

  2. Thomas Grier

    President Obama’s administration started with all the hopes in the world. The feeling of euphoria swept over the nation as it had finally elected an “eloquent” man as president. The problems of the financial crisis, healthcare, terrorism, energy, and cancerous tumors in puppies would all be conquered by the man with a plan.

    Unfortunately his administration started like the Hindenburg; a good first impression to a fiery nightmare. The market continues to stall, his cabinet has skeletons within skeletons, and his public opinion polls are beginning to flounder.

    The polls are to Obama as the sun is to Superman, the source of all his strength.I agree with the statement that the manner in which a President articulates his policies are just as important as the policies themselves. President Obama agenda takes the country in a direction that a majority of Americans would not want to go, if they had a clue where he was taking it. The President understand that he can go on Jay Leno and convince the American people that because he is “such a good guy” that his policies are great too.

  3. Thomas Grier

    Sean, who did you burn in the past to get a commenter who actually named himself, “NotSoNoble.” 🙂

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