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16th March
written by Sean Noble

In what is the most obvious signal that Congressman John Shadegg will run for re-election, Lisa James has joined Shadegg’s Phoenix office as Deputy Chief of Staff.


Lisa is a long-time political pro, who brings an impressive skill set to round out Shadegg’s staff.  She is very well respected, a hard worker, solidly conservative, and has huge cache with a broad cross section of the business/political world.


In some ways, I have mixed feelings about this development.  I’m a huge fan of Lisa and I want John Shadegg to continue to be a major player in Congress.  What causes me pause is that she is such a great pick.  Having been Shadegg’s top staffer for so long, I think bringing in Lisa will expose my shortcomings.  The Shadegg operation is going to take it to the next level.


Make no mistake, this is a huge development which freezes more than a dozen political careers of people waiting in the wings for Shadegg to exit.  I guess they’ll have to continue to wait.

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  1. Amanda

    Good move on Shadegg’s part!

  2. Elle

    Quite an interesting development!

  3. Carol

    Lisa will bring great skills and lots of experience, good move.

  4. Ann

    A class act for a class act. It is a good day for Arizona Republicans.

  5. NotSoNoble

    I find it extremely interesting how our intrepid blogger/nascent congressional candidate (Mr. Noble) seems obsessed with proving that Congressman Shadegg is running for re-election.

    Does anyone really think Shadegg would retire? Perhaps there is some speculation after Shadegg’s antics in 2008, but why is Sean so focused on rebutting these rumors?

    Methinks Mr. Noble doth protest too much…

    Maybe he wants to quiet such speculation, so as to keep other Republicans from preparing to run for the seat themselves. It was clear in 2008 that Shadegg & Noble planned for it to be an easy hand-off, but when it didn’t work out because they were unable to clear the field for our blogger/hero Shadegg got back in the race.

    What’s the obsession Sean? Putting together your exploratory committee yet?

  6. Kim

    Yep, you should be worried. Lisa just raised the bar…..

  7. Thomas Grier

    I heard Bob Lord is running again 🙂

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