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15th March
written by Sean Noble

Fred Barnes has a fascinating piece in the latest edition of the Weekly Standard.  He evaluates Obama’s efforts to pass an ambitious agenda in a hurry, and Barnes believes that if Obama doesn’t move quickly, he’ll lose momentum.

Barnes also points out that if Republicans can bog down Obama’s agenda, it will become harder and harder to put into place.  Already Obama’s numbers are starting to slip. Here is a paragraph you will not read in a major daily:

Like earlier presidents, Obama is slipping in popularity, as measured by job approval, as his first year progresses. At 63 percent approval, he’s roughly where George W. Bush was at this point in his presidency in 2001, but behind JFK, Eisenhower, Carter, LBJ, and Nixon. Pollster Scott Rasmussen has noted a sharp rise in those who “strongly disapprove” of Obama’s performance and a dip in those who “strongly approve.”

Can you imagine how horrified the leftist are that Obama’s numbers ARE THE SAME AS GEORGE W. BUSH at the same point of his first term?  Even Nixon and Carter were more popular.  Ouch.  That’ll leave a mark.

As a result of his slipping popularity, Moderate Democrats are becoming the key players in whether Obama will see success:

So Obama needs to push his agenda through Congress before the public discovers what he’s up to. Time is not on his side. Moderate Democrats aren’t a tough breed, but they’ve begun to question many of Obama’s policies. They don’t strike fear in Pelosi’s heart. But if their ranks swell, they could cause trouble for her, Reid, and especially Obama.

Now is the time for Republicans to figure out how they are going to slow the momentum and save the country from the far-left agenda of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

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  1. Thomas Grier

    let us see if there is anyone out there who can match the democrats strategy and craft a message that can sink obama’s ship, so far just a lot of noise

  2. Woody

    Obama is sinking his own ship by planning to bill veteran’s private health insurance for their service-related injury care. If the opposition wants to bog him down, that will do it on all fronts: health care reform, the economy, defense, foriegn policy all touch this one collossal blunder. The fact that he held to his position even through a meeting with the top vets organizations shows it is more than a trial balloon. This should become a litmus test issue now for anyone seeking office in 2010 or 2012. Solution to vets government health care costs is private health insurance?

  3. Norm

    Ok. So maybe these are some bonehead policies. I have yet to see a Republican offer an alternative yet complete set of economic plan. Saying just that this or that part won’t work is not helpful and isn’t going to win any votes.

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