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14th March
written by Sean Noble

David Broder has an interesting column about how Obama may remain personally popular, but his policies are getting a skeptical look by Republicans and Democrats alike. 

I have been watching carefully, and it is clear Obama’s arrogance has him pushing the envelope a little too far, too fast, and without credibility (for example, saying he wouldn’t hire any lobbyists into his administration and by last count has more than George Bush did at this time 8 years ago.)

He can still give a speech, and folks still might get that little tingle up their spine, but the honeymoon is over.

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  1. Thomas Grier

    i am still hoping that “tingling” turns out to be cancer. Obama must be amazed that the sea refuses to part for him, angry at the fear mongering plebians who are causing this financial mess. He is losing the message war with the people but don’t underestimate Snake Oil Gibbs and his amazing distractions…Bush, Rush, War, China, Ect….the next year will be full of crazy slight of hands…

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