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11th March
written by Sean Noble

Charles Murray received the Irving Kristol Award tonight at the annual American Enterprise Institute dinner.  It was a packed house at the Washington Hilton with a guest list that was right out of the Who’s Who D.C.-New York power corridor.  Another way to say it, was that it was a gathering of a lot of the elites. (I was a mere guest, I’m not anywhere near an elite, intellectual or otherwise).

Murray’s lecture was in some ways a great irony.  He scolded the elites for losing their sense of what makes America great and pointed out that elitism is not partisan.  It was a powerful lecture that warned America that we are becoming more  and more like Europe, which is to say, more self-absorbed, more elite, more socialist, and less individualistic, less religious, less family oriented.

Murray has always been fearless in telling the truth.  The truth he told tonight was power to the people.

(When the text of his lecture is available, I’ll post a link.)

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