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8th March
written by Sean Noble

The radical environmentalist at Center for Biological Diversity have made it their mission to never be happy or satisfied with nature.  The latest outrage is their call for an investigation into the capture and eventual death of a jaguar that was already dying.

Originally, the jaguar was accidentally captured by scientists who were studying mountain lions.  After its release, scientists noticed that something was wrong with the jaguar and recaptured it to determine what was ailing the big cat.  It turns out that it was suffering from kidney failure.  So the right decision was made to put the cat down.

It was clearly much more humane to euthanize the cat, rather than have it die a painful death from kidney failure in the wild, but the Center for Biological Diversity is demanding an witch hunt investigation. The only reason they are demanding this, is so they can figure out who to sue – since that is what they do best.  Call it ambulance chasing for animals.  Rather than celebrate the strides that were made in the study of jaguars that was accomplished by giving this grand animal a peaceful departure from this life, the Center is out for a scalp.  They should be ashamed.

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  1. Charlie W

    Totally agree Sean. Being a hunter and outdoorsman; I was excited to hear of the original capture and devistated at the news of having to put Macho B down. I posted on a hunting forum, wondering how long it would take the Center for Biological Idiots to spin this. Turns out they already did; and they pretty much lied through their whole money-grabbing release. They are pathetic. Thanks!

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