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4th March
written by Sean Noble

Democrat strategists are working with the Obama White House to try to make Rush Limbaugh the most hated Republican in America.  Politico’s Jonathan Martin (one of the best reporters in Washington) has a fascinating piece with some very interesting inside scoop on the thinking of Democrats.

I love their strategy, because it is going to backfire in a big, big way.  The New York-Washington Democrat elitists have never understood Rush or his influence.  He is the most-listened to radio personality in the history of radio, and at a time when most radio programs are struggling, Rush is still going strong.  The more the D.C. Democrats try to demonize him, the more attention he’ll get and the more people will listen to him, and the more people will become dittoheads.

There is a lot of “flyover” country that includes Democrat districts that can easily swing back to the Republican column.  The more out-of-touch Democrats appear to be with middle America, the better it is for Republicans.

Look, Rush is so influential, that he creates weather with utterances.  What Democrats haven’t figured out, is that Rush is going to rain on their parade come election day 2010.

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