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4th March
written by Sean Noble

Bob Lord, (remember him?) former Democrat nominee against Congressman John Shadegg, has taken himself out of the running for Arizona Democrat Chairman.  He says that it’s too much for his small plate of building his law practice and possibly preparing to run for Congress again.

This is a guy who has sucked in too much of the hot air he was blowing around in the last election.  He would make a terrible Chairman – can you imagine the fun that GOP Chairman would have with him in debates?  Without multiple handlers, Lord can barely put two coherent sentences together.  Lord would also have a really, really hard time raising serious money for the Democrats without the national Democrat leaders and a Democrat Governor putting the strong arm on folks like they did during his race against Shadegg.

So, in order to make it look like he’s not wimping out, he claims that he is certain Shadegg isn’t running again:

“I’m as nearly certain as can be that John Shadegg is done,” Lord said.

Just like you were “certain” you were going to beat Shadegg last year, Bob?  Sorry, but the credibility of your certainty, just doesn’t hold water.

Shadegg is already raising money, and watch for a big announcement in the coming days, which will put to rest the claim that he is “done.”

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  1. Margot

    It’s a bummer for Republicans that Lord dropped out of the running. It would have been great to see them try to operate with the most inarticulate “leader” ever(and that’s leader in name only, considering he is the furthest thing from one.

  2. Jason

    Bob Lord. Wasn’t he the one that slammed Shadegg in his ads yet did not give one self decsriptive trait about himself? The whole “Shadegg is a poopy head so vote for me” approach didn’t work. So long Bob, we hardly knew ya. And still dont…

  3. Not So Noble

    Looks like Lord was right, while you–having insider access–were wrong. Maybe you should run for the District now?

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