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3rd March
written by Sean Noble

I, ____________, pledge to the taxpayers of the _____ District of the State of Arizona and to all the people of this state, that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.


That is the pledge that the state legislators below have signed.  And voting to refer a tax increase to the ballot would be breaking that pledge, which means it’s unlikely that a tax increase, even a temporary one, is going to the ballot.  Sen. Pamela Gorman is quoted in the Arizona Republic laying down the line when asked whether Senate Republicans were open to the talk of temporary tax increases: “Absolutely not.”


Here are the pledge signers:


Bob Burns (S-9)

Pamela Gorman (S-6)

Ron Gould (S-3)

Linda Gray (S-10)

Jack Harper (S-4)

John Huppenthal (S-20)

Barbara Leff (S-11)

Jay Tibshraeny (S-21)

Thayer Verschoor (S-22)


Kirk Adams (H-19)

Frank Antenori (H-30)

Ray Barnes (H-7)

Nancy K. Barto (H-7)

Andy Biggs (H-22)

Tom Boone (H-4)

Judy Burges (H-4)

Sam Crump (H-6)

Adam Driggs (H-11)

David Gowan (H-30)

John Kavanagh (H-8)

Bill Konopnicki (H-5)

Debbie Lesko (H-9)

Steve Montenegro (H-12)

Rick Murphy (H-9)

Warde V. Nichols (H-21)

David Stevens (H-25)

Andrew M. Tobin (H-1)

Jerry Weiers (H-12)

Jim Weiers (H-10)

Steve Yarbrough (H-21)

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  1. EVRep

    Keynesians, classical economists and activist supply siders agree on very little, but they all agree a tax increase in the middle of a recession is a very bad thing. If our state could live on 8.3B in 2006, it is difficult to believe that it is totally impossible for it to live on something close to that now, without a huge tax increase.

    While great companies like Caterpillar announce 20,000 laid off, the public employees union representing AZ state govt. workers files a lawsuit to stop the layoff of a few hundred workers and Gov. Brewer tells us we need higher taxes. What we actually need is leadership.

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