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3rd March
written by Sean Noble

My family was getting ready for a game night.  My oldest son, Adam, had been acting like a typical three-year-old (even though he is about to turn 10) and was sent to his room.  My wife decided that she would have the other kids vote on whether to allow Adam to come back down and play.  Seven-year-old Jenna immediately blurted, “I vote for Adam.”  My wife then asked five-year-old Kate how she voted, to which she responded, “I vote McCain.”

I love that my kids paid enough attention this last election cycle to even answer in that way.  It struck me, with what Obama has done so far with the stimulus bill, his housing bill, his proposed budget, and what has happened to the stock market – now under 7,000, and down 1,200 since Obama’s inauguration – I think there are a lot of people thinking, “I vote for McCain.”

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  1. 03/03/2009

    Some people might be wistful about John McCain but I am not. I voted for Bob Barr (Libertarian) for President and I regret that vote not one bit.

    Would John McCain have taken steps to reign in insane military spending? No.

    Has John McCain taken steps to end the implied guarantees for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? No.

    Has John McCain taken action or spoken publicly about abolishing the US Department of Education (since 1994)? No.

    Both the Democrat and the Republican candidates for President were fans of more government and enemies of personal freedom. Mr. Obama may be a little more overt about it, but not by much.

  2. VillageIdiot

    Wow Noble – good timing man! Publish this post the same week that Obama has his highest ever approval ratings. My username may be VillageIdiot but it’s not describing me.

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