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27th February
written by Sean Noble

Newt Gingrich spoke to a packed house at CPAC.  He came in, through the crowd, with “Eye of the Tiger” blaring.  Newt is a pretty low-key guy – he never yells during speeches or gets all that emotional, so it was a bit of a cognative dissonance for me.  The crowd was huge – this is the largest CPAC in history – more than 8,500 attendees.

Gingrich still has rock star status with conservatives, particularly young conservatives.  He is a great speaker – smart, witty, descriptive and very funny.

I have mixed feelings about him, having watched him first-hand as Speaker.  I’m probably too critical – because there is no doubt that he is inspiring thousands upon thousands of conservatives into action, and that is a very good thing.

And, as he left the stage, “We will rock you” blared.  Conservatives are pretty pumped up right now.


Go to to see the speeches.

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