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26th February
written by Sean Noble

I’ll be blogging from CPAC for the next couple days.  I’ll be commenting on speeches by Sen. Tom Coburn, Congressman John Shadegg, RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Gov. Mark Sanford and Rush Limbaugh who concludes the conference on Saturday evening.

For those who don’t know, CPAC is the premiere conservative event each year.  It was at CPAC in 1974 that Reagan launched his Presidential run against Ford in 1976 with a speech about America being the “City upon a Hill” (sound familiar?)

To learn more about CPAC, go here.

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  1. Jill

    Can’t wait for your updates on things there. Hopefully Conservatives can really come together with a game plan!

  2. Laura K

    United Families International is at C-PAC this year. If you run into Bev Rice or Drew Conrad they can give you some insight into the upcoming UN Conference on the Status of Women and its threat on family, motherhood and fatherhood and national soverignty…to name a few.

    Great blog!

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