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18th February
written by Sean Noble

With Obama’s discussion about homeownership today in Mesa, it got me thinking about the American Dream.  And David Brooks had an interesting piece in the Republic this morning which prompted me to write a “Deep Thinking” piece (you can read it here) that examines why the American Dream remains a place for family – which at it’s core means a home with a yard, regardless of what urban planners would try to force on us.

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  1. Thomas

    I have not read the piece yet but the American Dream is in peril. I am not sure if it is because I am only 25 and I have not lived through the disasters of FDR or Carter but I am wise enough to understand the principle of action and consequence. A government is like a living thing and once it gives life to the idea of bank nationalization or the nationalization or certain private sectors it becomes difficult to kill those ideas in the future. Reagan’s time was a little different and he was dealing with a less radical democratically controlled house. Obama’s name will eventually go down in history as being a name that is anathema to freedom but maybe the history books will be fine with it….

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