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14th February
written by Sean Noble

The wailing and gnashing of teeth is starting to get louder.  And that’s because the real pain of the budget crisis is just starting to be felt.  As I warned on Thursday, DES announced yesterday that 620 jobs will be cut, and that there will be more to come later.  Arizona Republic columnist, Laurie Roberts had a shrill piece which completely ignores how we got into this budget mess and instead tries to hang it all on the current Governor, Jan Brewer.

The Republic also ran a story about Arizona’s Department of Revenue getting ready to lay off about 200 workers next week, on top of the 53 they have already cut.

Folks, this is what happens when government spending increases at too fast a pace.  Growth of state spending grew more than 10 percent each year for the last four years or more, and when revenues are down as much as they are, real cuts have to take place.  Taxpayers are right to ask why Napolitano was growing government at about 3 times the rate of personal income – the inequity leads to real consequences.

The Republic would do itself a favor by at least acknowledging that Napolitano’s unhinged spending binge is a huge part of the problem.  If they keep looking the other way, their credibility, or what’s left of it, will suffer even more.

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  1. If you have a local newspaper with even a thread of credibility remaining, consider yourself lucky. In Chicago, the papers have no functional editors. They’re all in a coma induced by Obama Kool-Aid injections.

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