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13th February
written by Sean Noble

Great clip of House GOP Minority Leader John Boehner:

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  1. deannadoyon

    What’s in the bill… nobody really knows. Only 1% actually read it. The language in the bill is impossible to read, it goes like this…

    Section 212.7 refers to item 19.3 which references the 1954 Revenue Act which says in Category C that we are now changing this from 8 to 9… need to be a technical expert to have a clue what this all means. It’s the blind leading the blind about to ruin not just the US but global economy.

    They also forgot to read the section on Inflation. Democrats be prepared to say goodbye in 2-years.

  2. Ryan Christensen

    For the record, I want my grandchildren to know I was against this.

  3. 13/02/2009

    I’ve got the thing and have actually been giving it an honest go… But to no avail. I can’t keep my blood pressure down for more than 3 or 4 lines, so I’ve been poking in random places. Everything yields the same reaction.

    (Hey, nice pic of my bridge in your header. That’s a short walk from my apt.)

  4. Sean Noble

    Now you’re just making me jealous that you live so close to the Brooklyn Bridge…

  5. David Smith

    Boehner is banking on you not knowing that legislators rarely read *any* of the actual text of the bills directly, but rely on staff and leadership summaries in their decision making process.

    And given that this is a bill that is coming out of joint conference committee …. even more ludicrous to think that anyone would pore over every single line.

    I don’t understand why clowning around like this is passed off as effective opposition.

    But he’s right … there isn’t enough time to recalculate and remake the sign that shows the stimulus plan in terms of how high it would rise if stacked in $100 bills, or how many times it would circumnavigate the globe.

    Pass the popcorn.

  6. 14/02/2009

    As a staunch dyed-in-the-wool conservative I’m at least grateful that not one single Republican voted for this legislation. I began printing the bill and went through 2 reams of paper and it still wasn’t finished. Started reading what was printed and my blood pressure escalated to where blood was shooting out of my eyes.
    Keep in mind that when JB says not one member has read the bill that includes Republicans. But, at least they had enough brains not to vote for something they didn’t read.

  7. Jeff Kornegay

    I don’t want to read it, please keep me in the dark, they say ignorance is bliss! All I’m concerned about is when will my house be paid for, and when can I expect my lifetime gas card?

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