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10th February
written by Sean Noble

Arlen Specter should announce retirement.  He has done more damage to this country than we deserve, and he needs to go.

And he also is willing to say anything to cover his tracks.  As one of the three Republicans who voted both for cloture and then for final passage of the “de-stimulus” bill, he claims that he will take a look at the bill, “find problems… and cure them.”  Uh, Mr. Specter, the whole bill is one giant problem, and the cure is to vote NO.

What Specter was talking about specifically was an issue I blogged on yesterday – about a “National Coordinator of Health Information.”   He forcefully said, “We are not going to let the federal government monitor what doctors do.”  I feel so much better already.  Specter says so, so it must be the case, right?

Think again.  This is a guy that played kissy-face with President Bush in his 2004 primary race against conservative stalwart Pat Toomey. Bush’s folks were warned that they better be prepared to be thrown under the bus if Specter won that primary.  Sure enough, the DAY AFTER the primary election, Specter was proudly talking about how he differed from Bush on stem cells, judicial nominees and the Patriot Act.

If you are interested in some of the history on the 2004 primary, this is an article in the New York Times right before the primary election.  Tim Carney, from Evans and Novak, wrote a blisteringly honest piece for National Review the day after the 2004 General election.  You can’t read this stuff without your blood pressure rising.

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