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9th February
written by Sean Noble

Thank You For Smoking” is a funny book (and later a movie) by Christopher Buckley (as in the son of William F. Buckley) about a tobacco lobbyist and the trials and turmoil that he must endure lobbying for “evil.”  He even gets kidnapped and covered with nicotine patches, almost dies, but is actually saved because the years of smoking built up an immunity to nicotine, but then can never smoke again, because of the sensitivity.  It’s funnier than that sounds, really.

However, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

Congress passed the SCHIP reauthorization bill last week.  SCHIP stands for “State Children’s Health Insurance Program.”  You know, it’s about the kids.

One of the problems with the bill, is that in order to fund the massive expansion, there is an increase in the tobacco tax.  But, the amount of funding needed to pay for this expansion can’t be covered by the number of current smokers.  In order to make up the shortfall, more than 22 million Americans would have to take up the habit!

With that in mind, this part of the Stimulus bill is particularly interesting:

$75 million for “smoking cessation activities”

So, last week we need 22 million people to start smoking “for the children.”  This week we are going to use taxpayer money to try to get them to quit.

This is like a cheap dimestore horror story, but worse, because it is actually our own government at work.  Instills a lot of confidence, huh?

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  1. 10/02/2009

    What’s even funnier is I get mine off my Reservation and pay no taxes plus cost is cheaper!

  2. Thomas

    Yes it was a funny book and film. I am compelled to go on record every time Christopher Buckley’s name is mentioned to call him a loser. A loser for endorsing Obama for the most ridiculous of reasons and a loser for not wanting contact with his illegitimate son. Good writer though, so it was a pity.

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