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8th February
written by Sean Noble

A couple weeks ago, the Arizona Democrat party activists dumped their Chairman, Don Bivens, and gave an upset-of-the-year-type victory to hard left activist Paul Eckerstrom.

Now, Eckerstrom has resigned, citing work and family commitments.  Did he really not think about that before he ran against Bivens?  I suppose he may not have, but I think there is more to the story.

Many of my Republican friends have cheered this news, saying that Democrats are in chaos.  I see it differently.

I actually think it is a bad thing that Eckerstrom resigned, and here’s why.  He is a hardcore, ultra-leftist, and he would have caused fits for the establishment Democrats, the money-men, and Democrat legislative leadership.  It would have been much easier to marginalize the Democrat party as a fringe group that was way out of touch with Arizonans.

Now, Bivens may come back, which will make it harder for Republicans to marginalize a party run by a generally respected and successful attorney.  However, they got Eckerstrom out, it is a smart move on the Dems part.

The only thing that could spice this up now, is if Bob Lord actually jumps in to challenge Bivens.  That could be quite interesting, given the personal history between those two…

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