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7th February
written by Sean Noble

The Arizona Republic Sunday editorial calls on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to “lead the way to make sure Arizona gets its fair share” of stimulus money.  They write that the “stimulus package is an enormous one-time opportunity for Arizona.”

To view the stimulus as a bailout ignores the fundamental problem with the state budget deficit.  It was created by a spending binge led by former Governor Janet Napolitano, and trying to paper over the problem with federal money will not fix our problem in the long term.  Most of the spending Napolitano pushed was for new or expanded programs.  The only way to long term financial solvency for the state is to scale back these programs, not just gloss over them with a “one-time opportunity.”  It’s like putting a bandage on a nail through the thumb, but not removing the nail.

It’s deeply disappointing that the Republic editorial board has become so short sighted, and so forgetful of how we got into this mess in the first place.

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  1. AzRep

    Excellent post. Calling for the continuance of spending levels that are revenue base cannot come close to supporting, based on a one year windfall, is a new journalistic low in the budget debate.

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