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6th February
written by Sean Noble

With Ruth Bader Ginsberg fighting cancer, and the uncertainty of whether that will lead to her retirement, the speculation of who will replace her is in full tilt.  A couple of things that are near-certainties:  It will be a woman (Obama is not going to allow the court to go all-male) and because it will be a woman replacing a woman, it won’t have to be someone with judicial experience, in fact, it likely won’t, because it’s hard to criticize where a Supreme Court nominee will come down on various issues if there is no previous judicial decisions.

I was one of the people that was shocked that Governor Napolitano took Department of Homeland Security.  I was shocked because I have always viewed her as a pretty political animal.  Anyone who has ambition for higher elective office is taking a huge risk in heading up DHS.  Politically, it’s almost a no-win situation.  Do your job perfectly, no fumbles on major disasters, no terrorist attacks, nobody notices.

But one slip-up can be career-ending.

That is, unless you have your sights on the Supreme Court.  Then it begins to make a lot more sense.  Take on the responsibility of the largest agency in the Federal government, do a competent job, and tee yourself up for a nomination to a justice for SCOTUS.

Bottom line: don’t be surprised if Napolitano gets tapped for the bench.

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  1. Robert

    Heaven help us if that happens! Open borders for all and she will lead the way to strike down Prop. 8 and 102.

  2. Chris

    Well she did go to UVA… 😉

  3. AzRep

    If Obama doesn’t want “diversity” points for Ginsburg’s replacement, Napolitano doesn’t finish in the top 25. If he does (and he probably does), she still doesn’t finish in the top 10. Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and about eight other “diversity” candidates whom he knows better, or owes more, get it before she does. Napolitano has hit her limit and given her performance as Arizona AG and Governor, has been over promoted since she was US attorney.

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