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4th February
written by Sean Noble

Tonight’s episode of Lost was insanely good.  The plot twists have my head in a complete spin.  I can’t believe how INTO this show I am.  The tie back to previous story lines is absolutely brilliant writing.  There is no question that in 20 years, kids going through film school will be studying Lost, and how it revolutionized film/TV writing.

If you haven’t watched Lost, watch the pilot from Season 1.  If you aren’t hooked by the end of that two hours, no harm done.  If you are, you better set aside the next three weeks as you try to watch four seasons nearly non-stop.  I promise, you’ll lose a ton of sleep if you get into this show.  But you won’t regret it.

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  1. Carol

    Lost is a show where “dead” is a relative term. Every time a Lost character dies, I hear a little voice that sounds like Billy Crystal saying “he’s not dead, he’s only mostly dead” from Princess Bride.

  2. 05/02/2009

    I’m glad that I’m just as addicted to this show as you are. If I was not addicted, I would not have seen last night’s episode and therefore would have just been given a huge spoiler.

    It seems that every week they continue to give us that 1 genius nugget which makes you come back week in and week out.

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