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3rd February
written by Sean Noble

This is getting absurd.  Obama has a third nominee with tax problems.  What’s different with this one is that the nominee, Nancy Killefer, has withdrawn her name (read: forced to withdraw).  The same can’t be said of the Timothy “Tax Cheater” Geithner, or Tom “Tax Cheater II” Daschle. 

Here is part of what makes this outrageous.  Killefer withdraws her name after it’s discovered that she didn’t pay unemployment taxes on household help.  A tax lien had been filed against her in the amount of $946.69.  That’s right, she is forced out after non-payment of less than $1,000, but Geithner gets CONFIRMED after it’s discovered that he had not paid more than $100,000!  And Daschle is not backing down, and his non-payment was more than $100,000.

It looks to me like Obama’s administration treats women different than men, and not a good kind of different.  No?  Prove me wrong

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  1. Kelley

    I might be a bad person, but I am getting a kick out of watching this nonsense. It just keeps getting better.

  2. Matthew

    Sean, what’s absurd is this post. You just took a tax issue and made it into a gender issue. Do you really think President Obama “forced out” Killefer because she is a women? Why did He even nominate her knowing about the tax issue, just to force her out later (yes — this came out in the vetting, just like the other two nominees)?

    Reality is that she resigned. Obama was committed to stand by His nominee knowing about the tax issue. Killefer was alerted about her shortage in 2005, and quickly rectified the honest mistake long before any nomination.

    Why do I think it was an honest mistake?? BECAUSE SHE WAS A TOP EXECUTIVE WITH MCKINSEY!!! SHE HAS PROBABLY PAID MILLIONS IN TAXES OVER THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS!!! The reality is she probably does not want to participate in the political circus. She has better things to do then be scrutinized over $1000 in back taxes by grandstanding Senators. I can’t say I blame her.

    I am completely lost with this post.

  3. Kelley

    Matthew, do you honestly deliberately capitalize “He” and “His” when referring to Obama? He’s not God. And Heaven forbid someone call him out for possibly doing something wrong; I realize this is a mortal sin as far as the mainstream media is concerned.

  4. Matthew

    Alright Kelley — you got me. I was just chastised by my mother (she teaches English at the community college). His and he should not be capitalized. However, you can see why I made the error being brainwashed by the mainstream media. How embarrassing!

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