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3rd February
written by Sean Noble

In 1994, during his first campaign for Congress, John Shadegg promised that he would work to ensure that Congress stayed true to passing legislation on issues that were actually enumerated in the Constitution.  Every session of Congress since 1995, Congressman Shadegg has held true to that commitment, introducing the Enumerated Powers Act.

The Enumerated Powers Act, which requires that every bill introduced in Congress specifically cite the Constitutional authority which enables such action, gets little attention by anyone – mostly because Congress, even under Republican control, has never seen fit to limit their reach to those specific powers given to it in the Constitution.  If the latest stimulus package is any indication, the Enumerated Powers Act is a bill whose time has come.  In fact, it is long, long overdue.

So it’s nice to see that it gets mentioned from time to time, even in a publication as obscure as the Camp Verde Bugle.  I’m waiting for an editorial endorsement from the New York Times.  May I live long enough to see that day (which may require immortality.)

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  1. 04/02/2009

    I wonder how many bipartisan Democrats will work to get this bill to the floor for a full vote?

  2. 04/02/2009

    Sean – I have a feeling that the Enumerated Powers Act will find traction and notoriety in the coming backlash against the over-reach in which the Obama administration is currently engaged. And I can hardly wait . . .

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