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31st January
written by Sean Noble

Governor Brewer signed a balanced budget into law on Saturday after she and lawmakers hammered out a deal.  As expected, Republicans supported and Democrats opposed the budget. 

There was the typical prediction of the sky falling by Democrats, including this gem from Meg Burton Cahill:

“The state of Arizona will come to rue this day,” said Sen. Meg Burton Cahill, D-Tempe. “The bill that will come at the end of the decade or so from the decision we’re making today is going to be very expensive for the citizens of Arizona.”

What is it about a $1.6 BILLION hole that Cahill doesn’t understand?  And what about the $3 billion hole that legislators will now start to grapple with for next year’s budget?  In typical fashion, most Democrats complained about the cuts, but offered little of their own ideas about how to deal with the problem.

There are two ways to manage being the minority party: 1) whine and complain about every single thing the majority does; or 2) offer actual alternatives to the majority plan and try to find ways to get votes on those plans.

So far, Democrats in the Arizona Legislature are following the first path, and Republicans in Congress are following the latter (as evidenced by bipartisan support for the Republican alternative to the latest stimulus package).  We’ll see which strategy works in 2010.  My guess is that Republicans in Congress will see a lot of gains, and Democrats in the Arizona Legislature will not – in fact, they will likely lose more seats.

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  1. 31/01/2009

    I cannot agree more. Every time I get an email from ASU President Crow I want to find him and chuck my cell phone at his head. This is a greater sign of the dangers of liberalism, blind obedience to a dogma in the face of a dangerous reality. Financial crisis? “Who Cares” liberals say. All they can do is scream words ( education, health care, diplomacy, Katrina, civil rights blah blah ) that work with a large portion of the population that doesn’t know jack because the media doesn’t tell them the reality of our situation. I am so glad for these cuts..I am just hoping women studies and Chicano studies disappear from ASU’s roster!

  2. 01/02/2009

    Just so minority groups aren’t overly picked on I will nominate the ASU School of Public Affairs for shuttering. They obviously aren’t turning out very good product if their former students weren’t able to bypass government higher education budget cuts.

  3. 01/02/2009

    I also nominate the entire Social Transformation school:
    – African and African American Studies
    – Asian Pacific American Studies
    – Justice and Social Inquiry
    – Women and Gender Studies
    Along with Global Studies ( under Political Science ) and pretty much half of all the institutes at ASU. This money should be going to the tried and true liberal art programs, business schools, and the natural sciences. All these above classes should become electives and or certificates in larger schools.

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