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26th January
written by Sean Noble

Al Gore is scheduled to appear Wednesday before Sen. John Kerry’s Foreign Relations committee to discuss the urgent need to deal with global warming.  As we say in politics, the “optics” of that won’t be very good.  You see, the forecast for the D.C. area on Wednesday calls for severe weather – including snow, ice and sleet.  It’s hard to call for urgent action on global warming with a straight face when it is freezing outside.

Now, someone will likely opine that severe weather IS a sign of global warming. Of course, the catchphrase they use now is “climate change” because they keep having this pesky problem of really cold weather when they stage these global warming events.

I just think it’s God’s sense of humor.

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  1. Kelley

    I think it is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, actually.

  2. Kim

    I’m wondering if the huge number of women from the baby boom hitting a certain age has anything to do with the waves of heat across the planet. Makes as much sense as anything else I’ve heard.

  3. Breck

    That’s great. I’m guessing they’ll be wishing for a little global warming when that sleet hits.

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