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26th January
written by Sean Noble

Obama’s Treasury Secretary nominee, Timothy Geithner

I have an idea.  Let’s all decide that we are going to cheat on our taxes.  Hey, it’s not going to prevent Timothy Geithner from becoming Treasury Secretary, so what justification would he have in coming after us?  None of us are seeking Senate confirmation for a post in the Obama Administration. Seriously, how will he ever, with a straight face, be able to give the nod to the IRS to investigate tax evasion?

The absurdity of Geithner’s pending confirmation proves, yet again, that Democrats are treated different than Republicans when it comes to fitness for important government positions.  Can you imagine the screaming that would have ensued had Bush’s first Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neill, cheated on his taxes?  For crying out loud, Leona Helmsley was criminally prosecuted and served almost two years in prison for doing the same thing that Geithner has done.

One thing we should watch closely is what Senators vote to confirm Geithner.  We’re going to need their letters vouching for our character when the IRS comes knocking.

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  1. Chad

    Does this mean I don’t have to pay taxes (at least until I am nominated for a cabinet position)?

    Or is this a case of its only bad when Republican do it.

  2. 27/01/2009

    Sean, I hear this argument all the time — the disproportionate response based on party. I don’t believe it for a second. The GOP made a big deal out of several of Clinton’s nominees based on tax evasion, and none were nominated (Baird, Wood, Ruff, Brown, etc).

    It is obvious that the GOP does not want to play politics due to three reasons:

    1. In the state of financial emergency the US is in, the Senate needs an experienced Treasury secretary that has a firm handle on monetary policy.
    2. He is the most conservative Treasury nominee the GOP could expect from the Obama administration.
    3. Given that Geitner’s salary was 400K in 2007, his explanation of the missed 25K in back taxes seems plausible. Was he wrong? Even he admits that.

    Remember he is an economist, not an accountant. He understands policy, not tax code.

    If you want to make a statement opposing Geithner’s pending confirmation, great. Some of the Democrats didn’t vote for him for the same reasons you mention above. Just don’t dilute your stance complaining about partisanship.

  3. Dan

    Obama’s “Transparent Administration” at work.

    He demands that every American, except for members of his own administration, pay their taxes. Do we really need members of the executive office who are guilty of tax evasion? Didn’t pay your taxes? No problem. Just fix your “$34,000 mistake” and you get the coveted Secretary of the Treasury position.

    Can you say, “Double standard?” When the democrats discovered that Joe the Plumber owed $1,200 in back taxes, they demanded he be tarred and feathered. But its ok for one of Obama’s administrative staff to have a $128,000 “tax error.”

    I know how we can fix the national deficit. Just get Obama’s administration to pay all their back taxes.

    “Do as I say, not as I do” is the new administration’s official motto.

    CHANGE we can believe in!!!!!

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