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25th January
written by Sean Noble

The problems with light rail in the Valley of the Sun continue to mount.  This time, the brainiacs who brought us light rail (and their “public places for art”) decided that it was too much hassle (and money) to provide any facilities for the folks they were luring to the trains.

Once again, the wise urban planners forget that we are all human after all.  You’ll just have to hold it.

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  1. Thomas Grier

    You can build all the facilities you want but it will still smell like human feces after a few years. This great system of mass transit will attract the type of individuals who think a bathroom is too far.

  2. Thomas Grier

    Maybe to satisfy our recent “education budget cut” protesters we can implement a “pee tax” along the rail line.

  3. Jeff Kornegay

    No bathrooms? No worries; the path of the light rail in Phoenix coincides with a longstanding corridor of transients and habitual drunks that stretches from Spectrum Mall through downtown Phoenix and into Tempe. Not having adequate toilet facilities has never stopped them. They either get releif on the bench where they were sitting, slip into an adjacent alley, or hide along side your parked car! Think of this as “going green.”

  4. DGN

    The years-long timeframe to build this thing killed all sorts of businesses along Central, Jefferson, Main, etc., right?

    That’s a lot of empty storefronts.

    How about a chain of pay-restrooms along the line? Some smart entrepreneur needs to do that.

    I even have a name: P*SS*D OFF!

    Better yet, open the restrooms, but also open a coffee stand at each end of the line. By the time the coffe kicks in, your customers need to “dispose” of the product they bought from you. You win coming and going, so to speak. It’s even kind of like recycling!

    I’ve heard the light rail compared to a golden turd, let’s turn that into REAL gold!

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